Planet4us is a start-up that makes the world better a better place, with a focus on sustainable consumption and the choice of sustainable products. We now take the next step with investors, customers and many others that wants this to fly via Sweden to being a global player. Change to a more sustainable consumption is going to slow – we want to change that!


The history of Planet4us started with the frustration by the founders

– How can it be that I as a consumer do not know how to make the most sustainable choice – Even for a simple product as cream this is not an easy thing!


Planet4us has formed a Advisory Bord to create more interest around sustainability and to take advantage of the Advisory Bord members experience, contacts, analytics and creativity. Each person’s commitment will be based on the personal interest of the person engagement and the possible to ”makes this fly” and create a globally important company with great benefit and big impact!


Future strategist

Future strategist

Anna works as a freelance future strategist and consultant at Kairos Future and H&M. She has wide experience within the fashion industry from companies such as Stella McCartney, Acne, Alexander Wang, Top Shop, WGSN- World Global Style Network and Peak Performance.

Anna has many years of consultancy experience from research, strategic organizational development, trend forecast, product development and project management. She is a driven lecturer and industry advisor. She holds a bachelor degree in fashion design technology from University of the Arts – London College of Fashion.

Anna has been working with sustainable development within the fashion industry for more than ten years and her driving force for Planet4Us is for the fashion industry to take bigger steps within sustainable development through technology.


Business leader

Business leader

Markus has been working with sustainable development since nearly 20 years, today with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and earlier the Millenium Development Goals. Very inspiring!

The organizations Markus has been a leader of has often had a focus on the supply-side, and the use of natural resources.

Planet4Us work with SDG No 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production – supporting the consumer. Very exciting! And with the possibility to contribute to another and new dimension in the development to a global sustainable society. This will be done through efficient and easy accessible technology that makes it easer in people´s every day life to make conscious choices. Markus want to contribute to Planet4Us strategy, its internationalization and professionalism.


Entreprenurship and Branding

Entreprenurship and Branding

Linda is something as unusual as an artist with talent for entrepreneurship. She founded the first Art Agency in Sweden, Reflection Company, already in 2001 where she has created branding with art in a way that to this date is found spectacular and transforming. She has worked with many leading brands – från Armani to Ahlgrens bilar.

Lindas latest art project, that took place at the Swedish Museum of Science and Technology, was awarded with The Swedish Arts and Business Award 2017. Part of this work was mirrored in the documentary ”True Intention” by director Ronnit Hasson. The documentary pictures Lindas deep rooted passion for sustainability and societal development. She has two book-projects coming soon, is a highly appreciated speaker and newly appointed CEO at the Swedish Organization ”Kultur och Näringsliv”.

Planet4Us combines something as intriguing as a solution for sustainable transformation en masse – and a multitude of opportunities for economic growth, both for their clients and themselves. Lindas intention is to contribute with branding- business development and sales-strategies – and also to keep asking the fundamental questions that keep this team in line with their own values. because there are few better guidelines for success than that of joy!


Developing organizations

Business leader

Sigge has a long experience in developing organizations, companies and brands.

In order to create real success, ethics, responsibility and considerations must be more closely linked to the traditional corporate economic values. This is no vision of the future, but is today rather an existing and growing customer requirement.

Planet4Us can become one of your organization’s most important tools in aspect of the future.


Within the baby food industry 89 % of consumers demand full transparency for ingredients in baby food. Planet4us has the complete solution of the problem



Every share of the market are worth billions and the business are not, to a very large extent, evaluated on sustainability fact.


Planet4us ranking of companies is an open site that sustainability ranks companies based on facts. Today there is no such fact-based publishing. It should be a driving force for companies to position themselves high on Planet4us companies ranking and to work with there business internal and external to become a more sustainable company. We can help!


Planet4us is making the choice of sustainability products simple and encouraging for the consumers and for the businesses.


Planet4us expertise and customized solutions will make a big difference to the new, explosively growing, market for sustainable products. We make the solution simple and encouraging for the costumer to use, which will result in a system that the costumer will appreciate and use as a tool in daily life. Are you running a business and want to meet and provide the market with sustainable systems and sustainable facts? We can help!


Right now the market have billions of consumers that have a big need getting guidance to make the right choice when they buy products.


Planet4us has its roots in how the consumers want to see a sustainable solution. With our unique calculation method and with several different individual specialist skills we create a successful result together with you which will result in a satisfied and loyal customer. We can help!


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